MANDELA BAY FASHION WEEK™  came into being as an innovative, solution-focused concept to enliven and evolve the Fashion Scene in Nelson Mandela Bay. It was identified as a way to infuse and grow the economic scope of Nelson Mandela Bay’s fashion industry. The fashion Industry is a huge national and international market which offers individuals the opportunity to build their own enterprises in a creative sphere. The Eastern Cape has this creative cultural heritage. The platform serves as a tool where these fashion and design entrepreneurs can showcase their range of products. It also serves as a place of meeting between retailer, stockist, designer, emerging talent and the fashion consumer.

#MandelaBayFashionWeek AIMS TO:

  1. Contribute to the promotion of Nelson Mandela Bay’s creative diversity, by building the activity of the fashion sector, by providing a platform to Eastern Cape fashion designers.
  2. Afford emerging designers a chance to be exposed to potential national buyers and media, creating retail demand, as well as, significant exposure.
  3. Create a fashion culture within the city, sparking the interest of outside guests to visit the City and in creating a buzz in an increasingly tough market.
  4. Rank on the world Fashion Capitol list. Cape Town and Johannesburg at 23 and 25 respectively in the world. (8 year Long term goal).